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Welcome to the homepage of the Diamond Lakers.
See Important Notice Below.

The Diamond Lakers, Inc. is the association of residents on Diamond Lake, Bayfield County, Wisconsin.

The purpose of this site is to share information among residents and other users of Diamond Lake in the interest of preserving the lake's natural beauty and conserving it as a resource for all to enjoy today and in the future.

We urge visitors to this site to read about our concerns with aquatic invasive  species, to look at the lake use guidelines and to peruse issues of the current and past newsletters and our recent postings for topics of interest.



Our annual meeting was previously announced to be July 27th at the Grand View Town Hall.  This is now changed due to an unforeseen conflict with our speaker Steve Scheiffer. 


The meeting will now be July 20th at the Namakagon Community Center beginning at 3 PM.


Steve's presentation will center around the just now completed shoreland assessment and water quality studies.  Steve will provide an overview of the studies and how his findings affect the lake..There will be no discussion of individual properties.  On July 27th our plan is to hold a workshop where property owners can meet one-on-one with members of the water quality committee (WQC) and board to discuss their individual property and what can be done to enhance their shoreland.  We envision 30 minute sessions beginning at 10 AM and ending at 12 Noon.  There will be many more details coming later.  The reports are very detailed and the board and WQC have yet to dive into them in detail.  Give us time to sort through the more than 100 pages of the reports.


Please hold July 20 for the annual meeting and July 27 for the workshop.

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