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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
Camera & Monitoring System

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An Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) camera and monitoring system helps to protect our environmental resources and prevent the introduction of AIS into Diamond Lake.

2019 - The Diamond Lakers Board authorized an upgrade to our AIS camera and monitoring system at the boat launch, enabling us to upload videos via a cell tower link and then review them on a website.  The upgrade occurred in late June, and the improvements are substantial.  The system serves as a potential reminder to everyone to check their boat for hitchhiking vegetation.

The membership showed solid support for the utility and value of an AIS camera system, as a proactive investment in protecting the lake environment as well as property values that could decline if Eurasian Milfoil were to invade.  At the same time we all recognize that it is not a fail-safe guarantee that it can't happen. 

These pictures show the installation of the camera system by Board Members, Frosty Palmer and Bob Jacobel.

camera 1.jpg
camera 4.jpg
camera 19.jpg
camera 7.jpg
camera 11.jpg
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