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Aquatic Invasive Species Workshop
May 27, 2022
Andy Teal, Invasive Species Coordinator for Bayfield County
Alex Selle, Lake Superior Basin AIS Coordinator for the DNR

Andy Teal

Alex Selle

Northern Milfoil &

Eurasian Milfiol

Striped Mystery Snail


Thanks for a great training last Friday (May 27, 2022)! I hope everyone found it helpful, and informative to say the least. I just wanted to follow-up with some resources, and links for various topics that we discussed at the training.



  • Surface Water Grant Guidance: This is a rather large document (170 pages) but it includes all of the information folks would need to start the process of developing a DNR Surface Water Grants.

    • The categories that y’all would likely be the most interested in are the Education categories that could be used for a boat wash station.

  • Boat Cleaning Stations:

    • I know y’all expressed interest in potentially getting a boat cleaning/wash station at your landing on Diamond Lake. I attached two images of several examples of stations that are used across the state. These wouldn’t need to have water or lots of space at the landing at utilized bleach spray, or even just hand tools, and additional information for boaters.

  • Aquatic Invasive Species:

    • Link to our DNR AIS monitoring page which has tons of information about AIS in the state of WI.

    • CLMN AIS Monitoring – Link to CLMN AIS monitoring page. If y’all are interesting to get involved in this program feel free to let me know!  

  • Interesting Information on Aquatic Plants


I feel like there was another item that folks had questions on, but I didn’t write it down! So feel free to reach back out to me, and feel free to ask any additional questions, comments or additions!


Thanks for your time,

-Alex Selle

Phone: (715)-413-2376




Burnett County

Dane County

Manitowoc County

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