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DL Committee & Board Updates

Come back often.  Watch for updates on a regular basis.



  • Wash Station – Coming Soon, across from the boat landing.

  • A Healthy Lakes and Rivers Grant has been secured by Ed Wallen in the amount of $10,030.83 (which includes recipients’ in-kind contributions of 25% and $500 for educational purposes). Four property owners (board or committee members) agreed to be the first recipients of the grant and serve as examples to others as to what improvements (practices) can be made to their properties.  More funds will be sought and distributed if there is interest. Grantees have 2 years to complete their projects.  Current grant recipients and their funded practices: 

    • · Brad Johnson: $ 2K for Fish Sticks and $2K for Transition zone native plantings practices

    • · Bob Jacobel: $1K for Upland zone diversion practice

    • · John Rosebush: $1K for Upland zone diversion practice

    • · Dave James: $3K for Transition zone native plantings, transition zone diversion, and upland zone diversion practices   

Our Board of Directors is eager to serve you.  They came together for their summer meeting July 19, 2023.  They are off to a good start. (Not pictured: Dave James, Tom Kraker, Ed Wallen and Mark Wilhelm... who attended via zoom.)


L-R:   John Rosebush, Scott Johnson, Raye Lahti,

Pat Arndt, Bob Jacobel.

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