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Reflections from Yesteryear

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Diamond Lake

By, Earl Goeltz*, 1984

"Our family has been spending summers at Diamond Lake since 1911.  We stopped many times at the old Grand View Store - Wallin Bros. & Habilt;  from there we would rent a horse from Jack Sayles and take a buggy ride to Diamond Lake or to Porcupine Lake area and walk from there.

Sometimes we would pump an old hand car up the railroad right-of-way along Twenty Mile Creek to Wisco and from there would walk over to Coffee Lake.  We knew most of the good people working at the roundhouse and the Wisco area.  Many Grand View people used to stop at our Goeltz Hotel in Ashland, when in town."




* Earl Goeltz has a cabin on the Northern shore of Diamond Lake.  His sister, Mary (Cindy) Palmer, is a full-time resident on Twin Pines Lane.

** Marge Homer was the mother of our current Diamond Lake residents: Diane Klump and Jessie Meschievitz.


Kate's photo - North shore.jpg

Earl Goeltz's sister, VIirginia, holding baby Kate on the sandy beach that no longer exists on the Northern shoreline of Diamond Lake. Picture taken in 1950.

Johnson cabin photoe (Jacobel).jpeg
Earl's Parents_edited.jpg

Pictures from the 1930's gifted to Bob and Pam Jacobel from the original Johnson family on Twin Pines Lane.

Earl and Margaret Goeltz

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