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DL DEM+Hillshade Portrait Zoom (annotated).jpg

Many thanks to Bob Jacobel for producing this map.

It is a digital elevation model (DEM) of Diamond Lake and surrounding topography made from LIDAR (like RADAR but using reflected laser pulses) flown on aircraft by the USGS mapping project in late fall and early spring of 2015/ 2016. Elevation precision is 10 cm (a few inches), and spatial resolution is 1 meter, providing a highly accurate depiction of topography. Crystal Lake at 1400 feet elevation flows into Diamond lake, 6 feet below, via the Eighteenmile Creek Wetland and then through the new culvert under Pioneer Rd. Part of the study funded by our grant from the DNR this summer is to quantify both the flow amounts and the chemistry of all the waters entering and leaving Diamond Lake.

Bathymetry Map 2023 Bob Jacobel.png

For those who might be interested, here is a new digital map of the lake bathymetry. This is based on the 800 plus depth points acquired by Matt Berg as a part of our plant survey in 2021 and some contouring with GIS software.


While the actual depth points are accurate to better than one-foot, the points are separated by about 10 feet, and thus the contours have some uncertainty - especially near the margins of the lake. Still it is an improvement over the older bathymetry map on the DNR website which contains some potentially problematic errors.


Bob Jacobel

Birding Hotspots A successful birding trip to Ashland and Bayfield counties requires only binoculars or a spotting scope and a camera, as most of the birding sites are accessible by foot. See Link.

Interactive Web Maps for Bayfield County
Link  here.  These include zoning, land sales, road closures, and access to public lands.

Map of the North Country Trail
It is a great national trail system that runs right through our back yard. Here is the link.

lake map1final2009_no_names.jpg

Thanks to Tom Williams for producing this image map from the EROS Data Center aerial photo series.  A version of Tom's map showing residents' locations and directory of contact information are available to members of the Diamond Lakers Association.

LINK to aerial photo image from the USDA.  

LINK to bathymetric map of the lake from the DNR which shows the depths in contours and bottom conditions.

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