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Hello Diamond Lake Association members.

Below, please find a copy of the “Strategic Plan for the Diamond Lake Association”. This plan emanates from a need and desire on the part of the Board of Directors to become more proactive regarding significant issues facing the Diamond Lake ecosystem, especially the threat of AIS. More specifically, a subcommittee’s charge (see membership below) was to create a Plan to address both immediate and long-term issues facing the Board. These include the following:

  • as a “living document” the “Plan” both defines and monitors the progress and future problems facing the Association

  • a Plan is a prerequisite for most sources of external funding, especially for the DNR and its grant programs

  • this Plan will serve as a formal guide and charge for the DL Board and its stakeholders and is an expression of the vitality of the organization


This Plan was designed and drafted by a subcommittee on water quality/lake management during the early part of 2021 and presented to the DL Board for review at its meeting on May 29, 2021. Approval was granted.  Questions or comments may be directed to any member of the DL Board or the subcommittee. We welcome your informal input at any of the DL gatherings. Thank you!


Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Veillette,

President, DL Association (2021)


Ed Wallen, 2021 Coordinator of the Subcommittee on Water Quality/Lake Management

and VP, DL Board of Directors


Subcommittee membership: Pat Arndt, Todd Stivland, Raye Lahti**, Dave James**, Ed Wallen**  (**Also Board Members on the Committee). Other Diamond Lake Association Board members include: Bob Jacobel, Scott Johnson, Jessie Meschievitz, Cary Palmer, and Sarah Stivland.

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