DL Committee & Board Updates

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October 20, 2021

The board approved a Surface Water Grant Application prepared and written by the Water Quality Committee. We expect to know of our application’s success around mid-February, 2022.  Any questions?  Contact Pat Arndt.

Updates on this website, under the ABOUT US tab:

  • "Leadership" - See 2021-2022 meeting dates, officers, and terms of service of our board members.

  • "By-Laws" - See recommended changes.  Member review and comment are requested.  Direct your comments to President Michelle Veillete, no later than December 31.  The board will consider all comments and will determine how to move forward at the February 16, 2022, board meeting.

10-22-21 Jessie.JPG

October 22, 2021
"This is our view of Diamond Lake this a.m. 
Coldest morning also at 7 a.m. - 32 degrees."

Jessie Meschievitz