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Re-Discovering our Past

History ~ Cabin Property

We have only just begun… and need your help!  Do you know the HISTORY of your cabin property?  The following was gleaned from old  Diamond Lakers newsletters and old stories (some are found on our website.)  This list begins with one of the oldest known properties (top of left-hand column), and works its way clockwise around the lake (continuing on the right-hand column).  You might find mistakes.  Dates and names are missing.  Hopefully you know more.  Please submit updates to our webmaster, Beth Johnson, at  Updates will continue on this site.

20045 N Diamond Lake Drive

1890’s Lumber Camp (John S. Owen)

1900 Cash Coburn (“Diamond Lake Lodge”)

1921 Nettie Fox

1940 Arthur & Margaret Hartman

Hartman sold W portion to Mrs. Vera Vilman

    Carl and Carolyn Wahl (wildlife photographer)

Hartman sold E portion to Howard and Merle DeHate

1969 Marge and Howard Homer (Marge, daughter of Hartman)

Diane Klump/Jessie Michevitz (daughters of Homer)


20041 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Marge and Howard Homer

Stan and Jessie Meschievitz (Homer’s daughter)


20165 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Margaret Hartman

1976-2001 Al Trostel

2001 Fire

2004-2008 Torr and Sherie Landrud

2008 Ed and Monica Wallen


20205 N. Diamond Lake Drive

1929:Railroad; Ashland Bank; Nettie Fox; Hartman; DeHates

1986 Herb Dutton (died 9-12-06)

1994 cabin built by Daughter, Audrey (Dutton) and Herb Sanderson

2019 Paul Brown


48085 Chapinwood Road

1911 Powers

Dr. Conklin (owned a private racetrack)

1930’s Elmer and Mable Westgate

Dorothy (Westgate) and Peter Melling (10-15-1922 to 1-28-04)

Jeanette (Melling) & Al Forness

48075 Chapinwood Road

1924 cabin built for Grandma Lettie Goeltz

1926 Earl Goeltz (1) built a cabin on hill, which   burned

Northland College

Herb Dutton

JoEllen Dutton and Dennis Stork

2007 Scott Byrd

2009 Scott and Beth Johnson (purchased the “non– dwelling”)

2011 Scott and Beth Johnson (built cabin up on hill)


48065 Chapinwood Road

1923 Louis and Mary Goeltz

1947 – current cabin built by son, Earl Louis Goeltz
             and wife Margaret Bowren
Earl Louis Goeltz and 2nd wife Shirley Jean McDonald
Earl Richard Goeltz and wife Gloria (son of Earl and
             Margaret  Goeltz)


48100 Chapinwood Road

Property: James and Katty Chapin

2000 Kern Hoppe sold 80 acres to:

Kristin and Gary Lencioni (later, Kristin & Ernie Brown)

      70 acres sold to Winter/ 10 acres remain

Scott and Beth Johnson (sister of Kristin Brown)
[The log cabin was built by Kristin and Beth’s sister and her family, “The Natural Log Homes”, Seeley, WI}

2019 Jeff and Angie Burke



1933 Chapin acreage first belonged to
  Howard Bretting.   Cabin burned down.


1998 Chapin Auction

Lots 3 & 4 = $410,000, top price for combined lots

Lots 1,2,5,& 6 went to Kern Hoppe, oral surgeon

Lot 1 included the Chapin cabin and 1,100’of shoreline

Wooded lots 7 &8 were purchased by Hayward realtor


2000 Kern Hoppe developed his property and sold the lots to Kraker,O’Neill, Raths, Winter, McConnell,
Nauen. Tully and Facklis


47785 Chapinwood Road

2000 Tom and Jeanne Kraker

2007 Tom and Jeanne Kraker built cabin


47775 Chapinwood Road

2000 Brian and Kelly O’Neill


47750 Chapinwood Road

Lots 3 & 4: John Smith and Gail Ward

2021 Randy and Jean Farrow


47725 Chapinwood Road

2000 Chuck and Ellie Raths

2021 Jim and Sally Pathos


47605 Chapinwood Road

Mitch and Terri Winter


47585 Chapinwood Road

1933  Howard Betting

James & Katty Chapin

Lot 1: Kern Hoppe

2021 S. Curtis Johnson


47565 Chapinwood Road

Marge McConnell

Maureen Chapin and Jim Biesecker


47555 Chapinwood Road

2002 Charlie Nauen & Patty Jo (P.J.) Pofahl


47545 Chapinwood Road

2002 Timothy and Nancy Tully

2018 Amy & Chris Carlson


47535 Chapinwood Road

Jeff and Julia Facklis “Hemlock Hollow”

47420 Twin Pines
Karl Kahmann

1945 Harris and Frances Palmer purchased the property
1950  Palmer built log cabin “Star o’ the North”    
       (rental cabin on the property)

1975 Walter and Jane White; later had the house moved

2002 David and Susan Reichert
2020 Kristofer and Patti Leaf


47310 Twin Pines

Karl Kahmann

1945 Harris and Frances Palmer

1975 Walter and Jane White; later had the house moved

2002 David and Susan Reichert


47295 Twin Pines

Margaret Antonius

Frank and Tracy Bigot


47245 Twin Pines


1940 Inez and Donald Hyndman

Daughters, Rosalie (Hyndman) Cross and
Susanne (Hyndman) Buckert


47185 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1926 John French

1930’s Twin Pines Resort

1946 Marge and Jim Fibert

1970’s original home burnt down

1972 Bob and Shirley Byrd

Scott and Pattie Clark

Scott Clark


47180 Twin Pines

1979 Harris & Francis Palmer purchased land from
      a Tax Sale

1986 Cabin shell completed before Harris died
      (Francis died 1998)

Cary, Robert and Warren Palmer (brothers)

2000 Cary and Mary (Goeltz) Palmer
    (Mary is the daughter of Earl and Shirley Goeltz)


47105 Twin Pines

1930 Dr. Collins (daughter Grace became Grace Driscoll);
1st cabin built by Walter Moore

Son, Ron and Pat Collins

Son, Mark & Julie Collins  


47075 Twin Pines
Skip Jewett

47035 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1929 Johnson (Dierdre Johnson, Matriarch)

1949 Irving and Elsie Radtke

1979 Dick Radtke -Amy Turner


2002 Bob & Pam Jacobel


47025 Twin Pines 

Johnson family

1949-1979 Irving and Elsie Radtke

1979-2022 Irving and Marlene Radtke

2022 Jim and Margaret (Radtke) Block


46985 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1925  George Hoffinger (surgical tool maker)

Bob Lunde

Ray and Kathleen Lorenz


46895 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1925 Penning




Bud and Ann Walker


46875 Twin Pines

1930 Dr. and Mrs. Lorin Collins

Grace (Collins)  Parker

Ron and Pat Parker

Children: Erik and Linda

Dave and Linda (Parker) Johnson


46865 Twin Pines

Harry Thorpe

1935 Bill and Vi Doonan

Terry and wife Beth Davis Doonan

Terry and wife Lee Doonan

     Nancy (Doonan) and Jimmie Dixon

     Judy (Doonan) and Joe Twohy

     Kate Doonan

46845 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1926 Flora and Charlie Johnson

Robert and Martha Schreiber
1960 Les Golz and Tom Croft acquired the property

1970 Les Golz

Matthew and Sarah Frick


46815 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:                  

1925 George Lang

1948  Eddie & MaryAnn Lang honeymooned
         in cabin

Ed and Harriet Lang

Edwin and Kenneth Lang (brothers)

Johanna Kellogg


46785 Twin Pines

American Immigration Company

1925 Subdivision by Art Goff:

1925 Henry Kempf

Rich and Lynn (Kempf) Buffa


46755 Twin Pines

1960 Fall


Richard and Rita Berens


46745 Twin Pines

Cabin built on an old bear den after WWII
    by Chief Joseph

1972 purchased by Jim Isaacson’s father
  from his brother’s estate

Jim Isaacson and sister Jean

Jim and Betty Isaacson

Jim Isaacson

20800 Pioneer Road

1992 cabin built by Bunk Builders for

   Kurt and Mary Modin

Sally Moser


20620 Pioneer Road


Roy and Faith Bredholt

John and Janet Miller


20560 Pioneer Road

Jim and Evonne Peterson

2020 John and Cathy Rosebush


20450 Pioneer Road

American Immigration Company

1911 Hale H. Cook (daughter= Mrs. Florence Cooper)

1922 Ed Zayner (daughter=Gladys Heppard)


Bud & Mary Wagner (“Little Bear”)

Donald J. Scott

2001 M. Pat and Renee Harty


46800 Canterbury Trail

Dorothy, Michael, Chris Melland

David and Jennifer Nortunen


46820 Canterbury Trail

Darrell and Pat Robertson

David and Jennifer Nortunen

Michael Slade and Julie Hart


46830 Canterbury Trail

Glenn Dowell


46850 Canterbury Trail

1928 cabin built by Miss Hatie Taylor

“Diamond Lake in the Rough”, Boys’ camp

Seddie and Ann Cogswell - Boys’ Camp

1991 Wes and Susan Upchurch

Jordan Upchurch

Susan Trankel

46860 Canterbury Trail

Albert and Susan Masing

Christopher and Kathy Heck


46970 Canterbury Trail

1982 dome-shaped cabin built

1987 Jerry and Connie Robotka

Jon and Candy Wells

2022 Michael and Phyllis Welsh 


46990 Canterbury Trail

1927 “Bud” and Millie Raw

1984 Fred and Pat Wuest (Fred died 2006)

Peter, Tom, Dave, Sarah, Pat Wuest

Dina Berray

Sarah Wuest


47120 Canterbury Trail

1930’s Art Goff, developer

1947 Ivan and Gertrude Faye,“Fayaway”

Virgil and Nancy (Fay) Rabe


47200 Canterbury Trail

Ronald Hammersley


47270 Canterbury Trail

1930’s Art Goff, developer


1937 Cabin built for Louis and Nina Sasman

   “Mahn-Go-Taysee” (Loon Heart)

1978 Bob (and Gene) Sasman & sisters Edith (and
  Dr. Donald) Hammersly, Marge Erickson

Brad and Barb Simonson


47320 Canterbury Trail

1930’s Art Goff, developer


Annette Trowbridge


47340 Canterbury Trail

1930’s Art Goff, developer


1940’s George Weege 

2001 Sons Wayne (and Sue) and Jim Weege built a new cabin

Dennis Kruse

47360 Canterbury Trail

Art Goff

1934 Lee and Nick McInerney bought the

1947 Lee and Nick built cabin

1984 Ed McInerny – present cabin

John and Audrey McInerny


47410 Canterbury Trail

Keeler Gift property

1947 original cabin

1995 Marvin Perzik- Tom Williams


47415 Canterbury Trail



46900 N. Diamond Lake Road

2020 Mark Billiard and Renee McCann


47400 N. Diamond Lake Road

Juels and Sally Carlson

Todd and Sarah Stivland

47450 N. Diamond Lake Road


Matt and Kristin Pierre


47540 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Mark and Valerie Werness


47560 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Tom Stavrum

Tom Savrum’s daughter

1990 Cathy Kestle and Robert Keller


47650 N. Diamond Lake Drive

2019 Lynn and Tom McNutt

47660 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Larry and Marie Vorlicky

Larry Vorlicky, Jr.

2021 Larry and Cindy Johnson


47840 N. Diamond Lake Drive

1960 Wisco Cottage, built by Walter Moore for:
Scharman, Kasten and Jacob families

1986 Frank and Terry Cicciarelli

Jim Corcoran


47850 N. Diamond Lake Drive

1969 Mark and Ella Fay

1985 George and Marcella Field

Bruce Wiedemann and Robin Arendt


47990 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Scott and Vicki Burns

2020 Pat Arndt


48030 N. Diamond Lake Drive

Carl and Pat Vilmann

20060 Diamond Point Road

Alan and Betsy Kind
Betsy Kind


20065 Diamond Point Road

Bruce Hendrickson and Ann Jauquet

John and Julie Sirianni

Ray and Rose Lahti


20130 Diamond Point Road


1987 Ruth and Herb Lauritzen


20160 Diamond Point Road

1991 Tom and Karen Louis

1999 Paul and Christine Heinerscheid acquired cabin from their friends Tom and Karen Louis

John and Julie Sirianni


20170 Diamond Point Road


Bruce Pankonin and Nancy Darcy

2019 Mark and Laura Pilney


20180 Diamond Point Road


Don and Sue Wallgren

Tom and Sally Moser

2019 David and Trina James

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